Latest Work

These are some of my latest pieces. They are all acrylic on canvas, and the originals vary in size. Prints in limited quantities are available for each, and the originals are also available for purchase. Please contact me for availability of the originals, and visit the shop section to purchase prints.

Commissioned GT Paintings

I was fortunate to be commissioned by Kevin Koshkarian of Pat Milliken Ford in Redford, Michigan, to create one-of-a-kind artwork for the dealership’s GT clients. These proved to be a hit with GT owners, given my connection to the design of the car. No two were 100% identical, and quite a few included the owner’s other GT models. Each 48”x24” mixed-media piece is specific to the exact colors and options of the clients’ GT order. These works are 1-of-1, and remain in the possession of the original owners. Here are just a few examples, there were quite a few more! Modified versions of a few select pieces will be available as 30”x15” canvas prints in limited quantities, with owner-specific details removed. Visit the shop section to see if any are available, and check back often for new releases.

GT at Le Mans and Media Press Kit

Working on the GT was an all-encompassing endeavor for our design team. We had a hand in all areas where customers interacted with the brand. I created 4 digital paintings which served as the basis of the driver signing or “hero” cards, and were prominently displayed in Ford’s hospitality suite and race garages at the 2016 24 hours of Le Mans.

These renderings were released as part of the press kit during the launch of the GT in 2016.

Gifts, Charity, and Milestones

Mixed-media piece, created as a gift to Carroll Shelby, commemorating the completion of a special collaborative project between Shelby and Ford.

Digital painting, presented a copy each to Roger Penske and Jack Roush, to celebrate the successful completion of the design phase of the 2013 Ford NASCAR Fusion program.

Mixed-media prints, South East Michigan Porsche Club (SEM-PCA) holiday dinner silent auction

Mixed-media piece created for art auction winner, Horsepower for Hope Charity

Bespoke GT mixed-media pieces

Graphics, Merchandise, Posters

I love graphic design, and have enjoyed creating automotive artwork to be used as event posters, merchandise, signing cards, and more. Please contact me if you would like to commission artwork to support your upcoming automotive events, bespoke merchandise designs, posters, etc.

Early Work and Mentors, Inspiration

These are works from various Visual Communication courses while I was a student at Art Center College of Design, as well as a few independent pieces. The mediums used are watercolor, gouache, chalk-and-marker, and digital art. Richard Pietruska, David Solon, Dave Marek, Jae Min, Ricky Hsu, Mike Tsay, Marc Stehrenberger, and Ian Cartabiano were some of the instructors that had a profound influence on my work. I am also a fan of Walter Gotschke’s work, as his effortless brush strokes give life and movement to his paintings. Coincidentally, I ended up working with his son, Wolfgang, as we were both designers at Ford. Camilo Pardo, Tom Fritz, Charles Maher, Nicolas Hunziker, Tom Hale, Craig Metros, Alex Buchanan, and Nicolas Rousselet are some of the contemporary automotive artists whose work inspires me.

Published Work

I’ve been lucky to have my work published in various magazines. Here are a few examples. Publications include Road and Track, Excellence Magazine, 000 Magazine, Auto and Design, Car Styling, and Street Power Magazine to name a few.